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Therapy with individuals on the Spectrum often requires a specialized skillset.  I have experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and adult professionals on the Spectrum.  Issues can range from academic/vocational problems to mental health or relationship issues. Individuals on the Spectrum can benefit from traditional therapies, but it helps if the treating professional has experience and a history of success working with the ASD population.

Job Coaching


Most of the world, and especially the academic and professional world, was not designed for or by inividuals on the Spectrum.  Individuals on the Spectrum can find work and study that make them happy and productive, but sometimes that job search process can benefit from faciliatation.  In Job Coaching I work with both the client and the potential employer/educator to come up with a plan that is usually part skill-building and part environmental modification.  You can be a programmer, but you do not have to.

Parenting and Family

Having a child on the Spectrum can often put invisible, but real strain on a family, and requires parents gain specific skills and information.  I have written extensively on this learning curve and consulted and lectured even more extensively.  I prefer working one on one with the family to help identify specific areas of need and potential sources of support and resource.

Young Adults

Parents of young adults on the Spectrum sometimes discover that problems with transitions continue even after their adult child gets into a good college or university.  Often, making the transition from academics to vocation (i.e., getting the first "real" job), or into higher levels of education can remind them of the struggles their child had in high school.  Parents cantact me in this time, as well, and we talk about ways to properly support their adult child for making the transition to this higher level of independence and achievement.

Get the Book!

Parents of teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders have to be experts not just in parenting, but in neurological disorders, treatment strategies, Behavioral interventions, IEPs, school politics, and any other number of things that they did not teach in the Parenting 101 course you were not offered when you had your first child.  


After working with ASD teens, young adults, and their parents for a number of years in private practice and as Head Psychologist at Orion Academy, I consolidated much of what I picked up from these ASD parent "Native Experts" into this book.  The book looks at parenting and professional intervention as a collaboration between the ASD individual, his or her parents, and the treating professional (e.g., therapist, teacher, coach, me, etc.).

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