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Guest Blogging on Reading

Following will be two posts from guest bloggers: my Niece and Nephew. Their work speaks for itself, but in reading their posts, I wanted to point out a few things. First, there is a heavy focus on reading together. Both mention recommending books to parents and grandparents, being read to, and listening to audiobooks together with family members on car trips. I cannot stress enough how important it is to not only have your child see you reading, but to actually engage in reading with them. My parents would do this all the time, and I recall doing co-operative reading (including being read to) well into high school. Reading is often a generational thing (i.e., kids who are readers have parents who are readers) and a family-values thing (i.e., our family reads).

Second, both bloggers have a good sense of the kinds of books they like. You know how they know what they like? They read.

In summary, if you want your kids to read (and you should, as reading is linked with lots of different kinds of successes), make it easy for them and show them how.

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