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Learning Styles

Article: No Evidence to Back Idea of Learning Styles. In The Guardian, March 12, 2017.

This is actually a letter written by a number of doctors to The Guardian. It gets high marks in my book because it is clear, definitive, and short.

To review, Learning Styles are the notion that people will learn information better if it is presented to them in a certain format, such as through movement (e.g., doing) or auditory (e.g., listening) stimulus. I have had this discussion with a number of children over the years ("What's your learning style?"), and I am happy to read that I do not ever have to have it again.

"...there have been systematic studies of the effectiveness of learning styles that have consistently found either no evidence or very weak evidence to support the hypothesis that matching or “meshing” material in the appropriate format to an individual’s learning style is selectively more effective for educational attainment."

To repeat the title, there is no evidence for the existence of Learning Styles. They go on to implore the learning community to stop propagating the myth of learning styles because, "Such neuromyths create a false impression of individuals’ abilities, leading to expectations and excuses that are detrimental to learning in general, which is a cost in the long term." I love it. Not only is what you are saying completely wrong, but by continuing to say it you might actually impede a child's learning and development.

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