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Vaccines and Autism

Article: Children with Autism Less Likely to be Vaccinated, Study finds.

A friend of mine asked me the other day about my opinion on the connection between vaccines and Autism. He said he had watched a documentary supporting the belief that vaccines cause Autism. Initially I did not understand the question because the premise seemed so outlandish, but the belief that vaccines cause Autism is alive and well.

The above article is especially interesting because it reports on research that finds that kids with Autism are actually less vaccinated than those without the diagnosis. Just to confirm, the results are the opposite of what the vaccine/Autism link community would suggest-kids with Autism are under-vaccinated (not over-vaccinated, or even vaccinated at the same level of kids without Autism). This, of course, is a problem because these under-vaccinated kids are now at risk for contracting dangerous, but totally preventable diseases.

This issue has been researched many times, and over many years. There is no evidence that vaccines increase a person's risk for Autism. Interestingly, there is now evidence that being under-vaccinated is connected with having Autism.

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