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Book: Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals, by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson (2009).

It occurred to me, when I saw this book at the library sale, that I had never read anything by Temple Grandin. I think it is important for someone in my field to have done-so, so I bought and read about half the book. I decided to stop there because this is literally a book about taking care of domesticated animals like dogs and chickens, and I have limited interest in that topic.

In half the book I was able to get what I needed though and experience how Temple Grandin writes. Now, I understand she had a co-writer (Catherine Johnson, herself a very accomplished scholar and writer), but the language and structure of the text is so exactly what you might expect originating from a person on the Spectrum, like Dr. Grandin. If you make your living, like I do, talking with people on the Spectrum you will know what I am talking about. This book likely represents the "voice" of Dr. Grandin, and is also consistent with how I have heard her speak on the radio. I did not need to finish the book to figure that out and appreciate it a lot.

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