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The Book

Since January I have been working on a new book, the sequel to the last one. The current working title is Parenting ASD Young Adults. It is written for all those individuals surprised with how different (or, not so different) life has become once their ASD young adult graduated high school.

My last publisher turned down the offer to publish this new book, so I have decided on a different path. I am planning to self-publish this one. What the future reader should be excited about is the fact that writer, editor, and long-time friend Sam Subity has agreed to co-author this book with me. Sam and I actually met in college when we became roommates our freshman year. Sam was my editor when I worked at the college newspaper, and has since been active in publishing. Sam is also a children's book writer, so he's done it all. I could not be happier that he agreed to work on this project with me.

We are close to the half-way point on this book, and my goal is to have the work ready by this summer. Stay tuned for more updates and some possible samples here for download.

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