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Love Language

I love language, and I am passionate about teaching people the power of language and specific words and combinations of words that matter. Here is a brief article about five revealing phrases.

There are a couple of things to highlight for my skeptical readers. First, the phrases described and contexts in which they are used actually have the meaning the article suggests they do. It does not really matter how you meant it or that people are taking it the wrong way. People take it the way that they do, and most people understand it the same way. Language is rule-bound. Even when we manipulate and seem to change language rules, we're changing from one rule to another. Language is not chaotic. The evidence is that most people agree or can understand that these five phrases in the article in those contexts mean exactly what the article says they mean. The meaning is quantifiable and independent of your intentions.

Second, people pay attention to how you talk (not just what you say) for a reason. Specifically, how you use language has meaning beyond the words themselves. When people use these five phrases, the listener often perceives something about the speaker that the speaker is not even aware of. I think it's important to listen to how you speak and ask people how you come across for the sake of learning about yourself what others already know.

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