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The Neurodiverse Worker

With great pleasure, I present my latest book, Work: Decoding Work for the Neurodiverse Worker.

This book is the current culmination of years of working with programs and individuals on the task of securing employment for neurodiverse workers such as those with autism and NLD. In the time I have been working in the field of employment training and support, I have seen improvements and positive changes in many areas, such as awareness, access to health and mental health care, and academic achievement for neurodiverse individuals. However, the un/underemployment rate for neurodiverse workers remains stubbornly high.

Un/underemployment, especially for people with high-functioning autism, is a social problem for several reasons. First, people need to work. Just because employment is more challenging for the neurodiverse person to obtain does not mean their need for meaningful or purposeful work decreases. Employment is a cornerstone of healthy living for many people, and employment benefits extend far beyond a paycheck.

Second, and this is becoming a common sentiment, most workplaces benefit from having neurodiverse workers. My clients often bring a highly valued attitude, perspective, intention, and skillset to their jobs. The advantages to increasing employment for the average neurodiverse worker extend well beyond the individual and are not limited to charity or simply decreasing rates of un/underemployment.

As always, I appreciate the public's feedback through direct communication or online. You can find the book on Amazon.

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