The First Session

The first session is designed to be as comfortable as possible and a chance for the therapist and client to get a sense of each other's personality and interactional style.  Some new clients choose to attend alone, and some choose to bring someone along.  When I am working with children and adolescents, a parent should attend, but sometimes whole families choose to attend.


My goal is to be able to present to the client at the end of the hour my understanding of the problem and an outline of the course of therapy.  I generally ask the client to describe the reason they are seeking therapy.  I ask questions that help me get a better idea about the nature of the client's problem.  I give a recommendation about treatment approach, frequency of sessions (often weekly to start), and some idea of what might be reasonable goals (which are usually formalized in the next session).

There is some paperwork that will be completed in the initial appointment or in the first session.  Mostly, however, the hour is spent talking, usually with the client also asking questions of me.  It is important to me that you feel comfortable, and I want to give you as much information as possible about how I work and what therapy will look like so the you can make a decision if you want to pursue ongoing therapy.  As an additional note, there is also a lot of research that suggests you may begin to feel better about your situation even after just the initial meeting.  That is probably more about you being proactive and less about the therapist being amazing.   

All services are $175 per hour


Individual Therapy
  • 50 minute, office-based sessions

  • Face to face, teletherapy, or blended contact

  • Use primarily Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therpies

Low Fee Therapy and Consultation (rates vary)
  • Brief, intensive services for low income individuals

  • Request Agreement form for more information

Family Therapy
  • Focus on the family or the individual in the context of the family

  • Use primarily Family Systems and Behavioral Therapy approach


  • Similar to Individual Therapy, but can use phone, text, email, or video conferencing in place of a visit to the physical office.

  • Requires some basic knowledge of computers or electronics (or willingness and ability to learn), and access to technology.


Brief Intervention/Consultation
  • For individuals who have specific questions or would like to get a sense of what it might be like to work with a therapist before committing to longer-term therapy.


Job Coaching
  • I have specialized training and experience coaching individuals with ASD, NLD, and related diagnoses.


This is a link for an interview I did with Annie Fox at Family Confidential entitled Autism and Teen Dating.

Background and Qualifications


Kent State University

M.A. and Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Speciality in Child and Family Studies

John Carroll University

B.S. Psychology


Therapy and Intervention Experience

Private Practice, Meghan Barlow and Associates

Private Practice (San Francisco, Moraga, Orinda, CA)

Orion Academy (Moraga, CA)

Head Psychologist

Applewood Centers, Inc. (Cleveland, OH)

Internship: Therapy and assessment in community mental health setting.

Post-doctoral Fellowship: Psychodiagnostics (Testing and assessment)

Cleveland Public Schools (Cleveland, OH)

Child therapy and teacher consultation in middle school setting.

Children's Advantage (Portage, OH)

Predoctoral internship and contract therapist, individual and family therapy in rural community mental health.

The Twelve, Inc. (Massillon, OH)

Therapy with children in foster care and adoptive placements.

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