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Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Article: Parent-Teacher Collaboration: Teacher Perceptions of What is Needed to Support Students with ASD in the Inclusive Classroom. 2016, Schultz and others, Education and Training in Autism and Dev. Disabilities, vol 51.

This was a qualitative study examining teacher perceptions of collaboration with parents. No big surprises. There was not one mention of teachers stating they need to get better at collaborating with parents. Instead, there was discussion about over-involved and under-involved parents. Interestingly, the solution to both was training in self-advocacy. Over-involved parents need to focus on training their children in self-advocacy, and under-involved parents need themselves to work on their advocacy skills. There was a strong message that information about your ASD child as a learner including what works and does not work for them is very useful, and much more useful than what is provided in an IEP or other learning plan.

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