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Online Tools, ASD

Article: "Online Tools to Support the Delivery of Evidence-Based Practices for Students with ASD." By Sam, Kucharczyk, and Waters. In Teaching Exceptional Children, 50, 3, 2018.

At first I thought this was a discussion of Internet-based Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) that kids with ASD could use to learn things. What this is article is actually about is online tools that can help teachers working with kids with ASD learn to use EBPs.

I just had another couple interactions with education professionals that suggest many of these professionals are in over their heads with my clients. I want to say that as critical as I can be, at times, about the educational system in America, it has never been the case that I discover that educational professionals lack intelligence or sense. It is almost always the case that they lack both the tools and resources (especially time) to implement effective learning and behavioral interventions.

That is where this article comes in. It describes the benefits of using online tools for professionals, and then gives a huge list of such tools and when you might want to use them.

Consequently, every time I have offered to partner with a teacher or school psychologist to work with my client (e.g., help with treatment planning, discuss implementation or assessment), my offer has been received with enthusiasm. This is further evidence to me that it is less about the teacher (who actually gets the brunt of the criticism) and more about the system (which is largely regulated by the average citizen through voting, taxes and governance).

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