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Employment Predictors

It is common for me to recommend teenagers get a part time job. Prior to 2017, my argument came largely from personal experience and common sense. Part time jobs are kind of like exercise-it can't hurt, and it will probably be hugely beneficial in both the short and long term.

Then in 2017, I found a research article that proved my point. This article affirms what I and every hard working parent and professional knew: part time jobs are good for something. It then added a layer to the argument in suggesting that having a part time job in high school was a strong predictor of attaining competitive employment after high school for individuals on the Spectrum.

Then, I promptly lost track of the article and have been having to work from memory and on faith until now. It looks like I scanned the article into my phone, and probably to send it to someone in order to prove my point. Check out the link in the text above for more info.

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