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Internet Use Disorder (IUD)

Here is a link to an article discussing the outcomes of a semi-large study on Internet Use Disorder (i.e., Internet Addiction). Below I'll bullet my comments since the article is an excellent resource.

  • Internet addiction is a real problem. It does not currently have a diagnostic code, but it can be objectively measured and has some face-valid treatments. Internet addiction has been a focus of therapy for several decades.

  • In this study, Internet Addiction was associated with unemployment and being in college.

  • People with severe cases of Internet addiction could engage in Internet-based treatments. This is like treating alcoholism in a bar, and needing patients to attend therapy in person was formerly a huge limitation to treatment.

  • Web-based streaming, according to this study, was the main problem. Interacting in real-time was a common element of the addictive platforms. Tik-Tok made this list.

Some will argue that the Internet's founding fathers intended it to be a completely open platform for sharing information. If the Internet was ever that, it is far from that now. If you wonder if you or your child is addicted to the Internet, imagine what might happen with 24 hours of no Internet access. This might give you a clue as to whether you should seek a professional opinion.

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