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Married, with ASD

Recently a reader contacted me about a previous post about assessing ASD in adulthood. It reminded me that information on adult ASD is sparse and lagging behind ASD info for just about every other age group.

In addition to providing ASD assessments for adults, I have experience providing couples therapy for people with ASD. Couples therapy (or marriage counseling) is a relatively common intervention, so I never used to do such therapy in my practice. The proliferation of qualified couples therapists meant demand was low, and I never had to develop that expertise. With the increase of cases of very late ASD diagnosis in adulthood came the rise in couples and spouses looking for help managing their marriages.

Couple's therapy where one of the individuals is on the spectrum is very specialized work and, in my experience, very demanding. However, I also enjoy the work immensely. In the coming weeks and months, I plan to describe some of the work I do in marriage counseling where one of the spouses is on the spectrum. My goal is to have a resource for couples or individuals to feel less outside the norm or even perhaps less hopeless or consigned to a life of dissatisfaction.

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