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Book List 101

Ender's Game By: Orson Scott Card Genre: science fiction/action

Why I liked it: The fact that the author goes into such descriptive emotion of the characters was amazing and I could see the images in my mind because of the juicy description. This book shows how people and others feel even though they don’t show it.

The Last Mission By: Harry Mazer Genre: historical fiction/action (WW2)

Why I liked it: The author really shows how a soldier may feel in war and how surviving is everything, especially to the waist gunner whose plane was shot down and was the only survivor. The way Harry writes shows readers that life isn’t always a hop, skip, and a jump. Life has challenges that are hard but you can overcome them if you try everything in your power. You will succeed!

The Mysterious Benedict Society (series) By:Trenton Lee Stewart Genre: mystery/puzzles

Why I liked them: The books challenged my mind in so many ways and the there were so many clues. The thought of having to search for clues that you barely knew anything about sounds crazy, tiring, and rather odd. Who leaves these clues and what is happening? Read them to find out!

Harry Potter (series) By: J.K Rowling Genre: fantasy/action

Why I like them: These books represent many thing, courage, bravery, trust, and friendship. I the wizard world magic is what keeps it alive. Average people who are not wizards are called muggles. The experience is so amazing as you read these books that you won’t put them down. You will feel as though you are living in the wizarding world.

Call of the Wild By: Jack London Genre: adventure

Why I liked it: The book was amazing! The fine details and the description were amazing and vivid. The life of a sled dog in the Yukon wasn’t easy! There were more crazy challenges that show the harsh emotion of a sled dog.

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