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Food Selectivity

Article: "Food Selectivity and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment." In Teaching Exceptional Children, 2018, 50, 6.

Speak of the devil. I was just talking about food selectivity with a parent. It is not chance, however, that brings me and this article together. Food selectivity is extremely prevalent in the ASD population. This article states that in one study 72% of the children surveyed with ASD also reported a problem with food selectivity.

Working on issues like food selectivity requires a very data-driven process, and that's what the article describes. Ever wonder what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is, how it works, or what it looks like? My favorite part of behavioral assessments is that effective assessments usually make effective treatment plans simple to devise.

Ask your local mental health or child worker professional if they know Applied Behavioral Analysis if you are interested in addressing issues like food selectivity.

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